Meet Hilliary: Our New #Menswear Contributor


Meet Hilliary Latham, girl about town and our new menswear and New York savvy contributor! If you roll with the #menswear crew, you might already know this pretty lady. Hilliary is the girl behind the marketing, PR and social media at Todd Snyder, taking fans behind the scenes during NYFW and even CFDA dinners with Anna Wintour. She also dresses male models and celebrities for a living. Tough life, I know.

Not only is she killing it in the menswear game, she also has a serious appetite for the good life, galavanting between industry events and hot restaurants on the regular. Naturally, I couldn’t think of a better person to contribute for Taste the Style. Fellas, keep your eye on this girl. She’ll be teaching y’all how to dress right, eat right, and– most importantly– how to ACT right.

Want to know more about #SnyderGirl? We thought you would. Check out what she’s all about:

Occupation: H: Marketing/ PR and Celebrity Styling for Todd Snyder

Who’s your male style crush? H: There’s quite a few, but right now it’s David Beckham.

Who’s your biggest girl crush?
H: I still always love MK & A. (editor’s note: that’s Mary Kate & Ashley, FYI.)
What’s your menswear must-buy at the moment?
H: A good sweatshirt– it’s so versatile right now. It can be styled under a blazer to make a suit more relaxed, or it can be worn to dress up a casual outfit. I love a boyfriend sweatshirt for girls, too.
5 words that describes your personal style:
H: A feminine take on Menswear. I call it #Mensweardontcare.
What are your 5 favorite NYC restaurants?
Your must-try dish is:
H: It might have been because it was my first meal after a juice cleanse, but over the summer ABC Kitchen had this homemade spaghetti with pesto dish that was killer.
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