The Best Anniversary Weekend Ever: ZZ’s Clam Bar, Storm King, and More

Friday, November 1st, marked three years of my boyfriend and I being “official.” I say it this way because it wasn’t always a picnic in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The truth is, Adam and I have known (and on and off dated) each other for several years now but things didn’t quite add up until 3 years ago, AKA when he finally woke up and realized we were perfect for one another. He’s going to kill me for this.

Anyways, in an extreme effort to keep this post light, I’m going to try to cut the cheese factor and let the pictures tell our weekend story. But before I let you scroll, I just want to thank the man who is responsible for my happiness, Adam James Fulton. Happy anniversary, my love! You are my EVERYTHING. This picture says it all:


NOW, back to the photo journal…

anniversaryDAY 1- The best present I’ve ever gotten: This “itinerary” was handed to me during our drive into the city. The first stop was supposed to be Dead Rabbit (get it?) However, traffic got the best of us so off to the 2nd stop we went. Don’t worry, there were plenty of drinks afterwards.

tunaPerhaps my favorite dish in the entire world is the Big Eye Tuna Tart dish at Bond Street and I turned Adam into a super fan a couple of Valentine’s Day ago. His plan all along was to bring me somewhere familiar and then somewhere new. I, being the dummy that I am, did not pick up on the itinerary clues. HELLO, CYNDI! That is a picture of tuna not charcuterie!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Please excuse the HORRIBLE picture. I only allowed myself a few iPhone pics all night (I live my life on social media and the very least I could do on our anniversary was focus on what was in front of me.) This is the seared scallop dish at ZZ’s Clam Bar. Everything from the cocktails to the dessert was pretty amazing, but insanely overpriced. Needless to say, we’re eating in all week. :)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the last stop was one of his favorite spots in NYC, Minetta Tavern. I’d say we ate and drank REALLY well that night.

elephantDAY 2- Saturday we chilled hard… there might’ve been a hangover involved.

Anyways, this is a Pink Elephant dressed up as Zorro and it’s located under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. As if being a pink elephant isn’t adorable enough.

brunchOne of my new go-to spots in DUMBO is Atrium but we had yet to try brunch. We rallied and dragged our tired asses over there for a brunch that included pancakes, butternut squash soup, maple bacon, and those deviled eggs above. Deeelish.

DSC_0757_2DAY 3- On Sunday we drove upstate to Storm King Art Center to see what the fuss was all about. I had to bring the DSLR out for this one. Though Sunday was pretty frigid out, this past weekend couldn’t have been a better time to head upstate. The trees turned colors I’ve never seen before and the sky would range from baby blue to potential-tornado-hue within minutes. It was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS out there.

This guy above is the “Three Legged Buddha” by Chinese artist, Zhang Huan.

DSC_0766_2I mean, do I need to even talk about these trees?

DSC_0773_2Because no weekend trip is complete without some FASH-ENNN. Above are some sunnies from Cole Haan, a cozy sweater from Nasty Gal, and a leather jacket from Phillip Lim.

PS- We took this one on “One Wall” which we assumed was just a rock wall. Nope. It’s actually their most revered sculpture and we learned this when we were scolded by a guard. Whoops! Don’t worry, no harm done.

DSC_0776_2There’s Adam giving you the finger. Just kidding, those are bunny ears.

Fiiiiinnnnneee, it’s a peace sign.

DSC_0783Wavefield was my personal favorite and in my opinion, the funnest part of the Storm King experience. Make sure you run them up and down!

DSC_0805_2I could not have been more in love with this road and those perfectly lined trees. Fall in New York really is spectacular.

DSC_0814Again with these trees….

DSC_0818This piece is called “Jambalaya” and it’s located on the south field. In fact, we only went to the south field because they send people there after the north parking lot is full. We did the entire section in 2 hours on bikes which we rented for $20 a pop.

DSC_0829_2Adam’s favorite piece was the “Pyramidian” which stands beautifully on top of the hill.

DSC_0831Adam walking. That’s all.

DSC_0837_2This one is called “Beethoven’s Quartet.” That steel piece in the middle is there to create a huge gong effect. We went a bit H.A.M. on it.

DSC_0847_2Another one of my favorites was Foci, a sculpture made entirely out of rubber tires.

DSC_0849_2Details like whoa!

DSC_0889Thanks for stopping by, kids!



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