Guilty Pleasures: Fall Edition

Guilty pleasures: we all have them year round. However, I have five food and fashion related ones I’d like to talk about today.

When the temperature drops, I can’t help but want to cozy up, eat a little more, and drink some warm and tasty cocktails. This was a hard one to narrow down– and I’m sure the guilty pleasure preferences are different for everyone– but I think a lot of us can agree that the following are the Fall season’s crowd pleasers, even they are cliché.

Chunky Sweaters & Scarves

Whether they’re oversized or made of wool, chunky sweaters and scarves are synonymous with a cool Fall day. I especially love to throw one on when temperatures dip down into the 50s. Paired with some ripped jeans and booties, and we’re in business.

Here are some favorites for both men and women:

Chunky Sweaters

Chunky Sweaters by cyndiramirez made on Polyvore.

Butternut Squash Soup

It’s almost a given that when the leaves start changing colors, our bodies start craving anything and everything that’s hot– soup being one of my go-tos. Butternut Squash Soup is my obvious choice because of its consistency and the warm, fuzzy feeling it gives me. Wouldn’t you agree?

Where to order it: Call ahead of time because it’s a seasonal special but Caracas Arepa Bar has one of the best Butternut Squash Soups EVER.

The Best BSS Recipe: Via Epicurious. 

squash-soup (pic by Grub Street)


I know what you’re thinking: “Flannels in the Fall. How original.” Hear me out: Flannels are classic, they’re not going anywhere. Not even the hipster movement could play them out. Hell, they still wear them too. The great thing about them is the versatility factor. They can be dressed up or down- I mean, they’re shirts after all. They can be prepped up with a blazer and oxfords, or grunged down with black skinny jeans and Converses. The latest trend I’ve been spotting is wrapping your flannels around the waist with a leather jacket thrown over the shoulders – Joey Lawrence style. That’s some serious cool kid shit right there.

Here are some favorites for both men and women:

Flannels by cyndiramirez featuring red tops


I’ve been a hardcore meat lover since the tender age of five and my first love hasn’t failed me yet. But like any other routines in life, meat seems to be slightly replaced with fish in the Summetime and somehow makes its way back into my heart when the temperature starts dropping. I think it’s because of the philosophy of “beefing up for winter.”

So what kind of meat am I referring to? I’m talking the red, juicy, and fatty meat categories. Lately I’ve been finding myself eating a lot of burgers, most recently at Watty & Meg in Brooklyn. Full disclosure: the burger was so big that I could not fit it in my mouth but it was amazing. I’ve also been craving Bone Marrow, and I order it religiously if it’s on the menu. Ironically, I fell in love with the bone marrow at Harold Dieterle’s The Marrow (although I didn’t hesitate to complain that the dish needed at least one more piece of marrow.) Below are some spots guaranteed to hit that carnivorous bone.

Where to order: The Bone Marrow at Lafayette, the Black Label Burger and Bone Marrow at Minetta Tavernthe Wagyu Beef at Bohemian.

Best Bone Marrow Recipe: Via Esquire Magazine.


Cider or Pumpkin Flavored Beverages

Yes, I know. Another clichéd guilty pleasure. I can’t be alone here; who doesn’t want a warm cider cocktail or a pumpkin spiced latte in October? If you answered “not me” then I highly suggest you find the nearest human being and ask for a hug because you’re in serious need of some comforting.

Where to order it: Dutch Kills Bar (they have two hot cider drinks) and the Smashed Pumpkin at Harding’s.

The Best Apple Cider recipe: Via Refinery 29.



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